Sports Massage

Sports MassageOur massage therapists offer a wide variety of massages including sports massage. This helps increase flexibility, increase muscle tone and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

Other benefits of massage include:

  • Break down of scar tissue after injury
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Improve sports performance
  • General relaxation

Who is it for?

Anyone can benefit from massage. You could be an athlete recovering from a injury; massage can speed up your return to competing. Maybe you're an office worker who sits down all day at a computer and gets tension in the neck and back areas. Massage here would relieve the tension in these areas and therefore make working more comfortable. Our massage therapists are fully qualified and very experienced.

Contact Information

  • Telephone: 020 8541 5556
  • Fax: 020 8546 7893
  • Opening Hours:
  • Monday to Friday, 8am - 8pm.
  • Saturday 8am - 3pm.

Kingston Town Centre

  • 31 Old London Road
  • Kingston
  • KT2 6ND
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Ham, North Kingston

  • 8 Dukes Avenue,
  • Kingston-Upon-Thames
  • Surrey
  • KT2 5QY
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  • 10a Thames Street
  • Staines
  • TW18 4SD
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